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Why Choose the Industry Plan?

No age banding

We like to keep things simple so we developed a plan that is the same price for everyone. We do not age band.

Note:  The Ecotone Industry Plan still experience the same pressures that all other plans do, such as inflation, rising drug costs, increased administration requirements, claims, and insurance costs, but we do not experience jumps in premium due to age banding. 

Adventure Friendly Travel Coverage!

Ecotone's Industry Plan provide a new standard of travel coverage. All of our plans come with 60 days of out of province & country travel coverage with $5,000,000 of coverage. If you are a traveler, you can leave for 60 days, come home for a quick visit to reset your travel coverage and leave again with another full 60 days. You can do this as many times as you like. 

Top-up Travel coverage options

If at anytime you would like to travel for more than 60 days, we can offer you top-up travel options to extend your trip coverage without having to return home.

Plan design flexibility

We understand that your health insurance needs change as you age. That's why our plans have a flex benefit built into every plan to ensure our plans evolve with you. Every two years on the plan, you have the option to change your plan design. That way you aren't stuck with the same plan for the rest of your life. 

Comprehensive drug plan

Unlike many others, Ecotone Health Plans use the Telus National Formulary, giving you a wide spectrum of coverage.

Future enhancements are available to all plan holders

All plan enhancements are applicable to all existing members, so everyone gets to benefit from our ingenuity and commitment to making our plans the best they can be.

Topping up your existing group coverage

If you currently have group benefit coverage through your employer but feel you would like more coverage, you are welcome to join the Industry Plan as a top-up plan to your existing coverage anytime.

We are paperless

Going paperless has never been easier with all the wonderful new technology we have access to these days. We can save a tree and our data is more secure than ever! With our platform, you will have access to everything you need directly on your computer or smart device.

What if I quit my job? Does this mean I lose my coverage?

No, once enrolled, the industry plan is not attached to your employment so you are able to hold onto your plan for as long as you pay your premiums regardless of future employment. 

Is the life insurance portion connected to my employment?

Yes, the life insurance is the only component that is attached to employment. You must be working at a job, any job, for more than 20 hours a week to qualify for the life insurance component. 

Moving Provinces

If you decide to move provinces in the future you can definitely take your benefits with you. 

Is there different pricing for each province?

No, currently our plans are the same price for all Canadians. We have no plan of changing this. That being said, if we see that some provinces have significantly higher claims rates than other provinces, we may choose to create new pricing based on provinces. 

Are you available in all provinces?

We are available in all provinces & territories across Canada, including Quebec, as of January 1, 2024.

I work with an advisor, can I purchase the industry plan through them?

Yes, we have a partner program available for advisors. Our partner program is currently available in Saskatchewan, and British Columbia and we are in the process of expanding to Alberta and Ontario in the new year, with other provinces to follow.

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