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Employee Powered Group Benefits

Benefits provided direct to the employee where employer participation is welcome but not required. We cover your pre-existing conditions with no health questions. 

Three Ways to Qualify

with guaranteed acceptance, no health questions, and no pre-existing conditions clauses.

New Employment

Just like group benefits, you must apply within 90 days of starting your job to qualify, with guaranteed acceptance, no questions asked.

Open Enrollment

Newly aware employers will be provided an open enrollment period of 30 days, where all staff qualify, regardless of their employment start date, with guaranteed acceptance, no questions asked.

Top-Up Existing Coverage

Apply anytime as a top-up to your existing group benefit coverage, with guaranteed acceptance, no questions asked.





Representing Five Industries


Restaurants, Cafes, Coffeeshops, Bakeries, Accommodations, Etc.

Retail Stores

Fashion, Grocery, Gift, Flower, E-Commerce, Decor, Etc.

Health & Wellness

Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Therapy, Spa, Etc.


Skincare, Haircare, Mani/Pedi, Anti-Aging, Esthetician, Styling, Etc.


Sports, Gym, Yoga, Outdoor Activity, Therapy, Training, Etc.

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Plan Details

Check out our Brochure which provides a summary of our plan options and pricing.


Check out our booklet wording for a comprehensive look at our plan coverage.

Employer Participation

Participation is appreciated but not required.

If you are an employer and would like to offer optional group benefits to your employees, look no further. Ecotone's Industry Plan is a one-of-a-kind product that works direct with your employees at no cost to you. Your participation is simple.

Establish an open enrollment deadline that works for you and share with your staff. 


Establish a process where all new employees are made aware of their optional benefits at hire.

How it works

Please click the link below for more details.

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Ways to Qualify.png

Optional Critical Illness Insurance

Once Enrolled, you have the option of purchasing additional coverage.

Critical Illness Insurance provides a lump-sum payout of up to $50,000 following diagnosis for one of the 26 critical conditions covered including heart attack, stoke, cancer, etc.


Also available for children, covering an additional 5 childhood conditions.


You can use the benefit payment any way you wish, to help ease financial concerns should you or a family member suffer from a life-altering critical illness. 

 PocketPills Digital Pharmacy

Order prescriptions digitally from the comfort of your own home with PocketPills.

Our partnership with PocketPills makes medication more accessible and affordable for members.

  • As a signup bonus, for the first six months, receive an additional 20% of coverage when using PocketPills.

    • That equates to 100% coverage on your drugs and diabetic supplies.​

  • Once the signup bonus expires, you will continue to receive an additional 10% of coverage going forward.

    • That equates to 90% coverage on your drugs and diabetic supplies.​

  • free home delivery

  • live chat with a pharmacist

  • family medication management

Pocket Pills Details

Superior Technology

Simply Benefits' Intuitive design allows you to navigate with ease

  • All you need in one beautiful app!

    • Clean, Simple, and Smart

  • Wondering what coverage you have?

    • Simply ask and the app will navigate you

  • Track your claims

    • Easily track all your transactions​

    • Any issues are easily resolved with a direct link to the claims department.​

Member Assistance Program 

Bonus Feature:

Provides compassionate, holistic support and counseling for members and their families.

Woman speaking to a therapist available through Ecotone Health Insurance

For those experiencing life challenges. Services include but are not limited to:

  • mental health services

  • financial and legal counseling services

  • nutritional health and wellness counseling

  • elder care navigation

  • child care navigation

Online Health Professionals

We partnered with Dialogue to offer a virtual healthcare plan.

Bonus Feature:

Members have 24/7 access to physical and mental health professionals via mobile or desktop devices. Clinicians are able to:

  • diagnose & treat conditions

  • offer specialist referrals

  • fill/refill prescriptions

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