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We're your exclusive Ecotone Health Insurance provider.

We're here to push the boundaries of Health Insurance and the service surrounding it.

Why Ecotone you ask?

An Ecotone is the gap or transitional space between two ecosystems. As it relates to nature, we develop products that narrow the gap, or “ecotone”, between the health coverage needs of individuals and what the industry standard dictates.

As it pertains to these types of plans, we believe the current industry has room for improvement. At Ecotone Health it is our mandate to push to create a new standard of coverage and accessibility. We are here to redefine the boundaries of health insurance and the service surrounding it.


Eric Biehn, BSc.

President & Chief Executive Officer

As the driving force behind Ecotone, Eric brings over a decade of expertise in the life and health insurance industry.


Serving as the President and CEO of Ecotone Health Insurance, he not only spearheads the development, marketing, and sales efforts of the innovative Ecotone Health Insurance Plans but also demonstrates unwavering commitment to the health and safety of our clients.


Eric is dedicated to creating a company culture centered around exceptional customer service, ensuring that every client receives the highest standard of care.


Furthermore, his passion extends to fostering a positive work environment, where team members thrive and contribute to the shared vision of Ecotone as a beacon of excellence in the insurance industry.

Tania Friesen

Tania Friesen

Client Service Representative

Tania is the newest member of the Ecotone Health Insurance Team. She’s working with us as a Client Service Representative as she works towards an advisor role. 


Tania has been deeply involved in the Saskatoon community over the past two and a half decades, as a hospitality manager, volunteering and as a business owner. She takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service and has a dedication to the success of small business. We’re excited for her to bring those skills and dedication to our company. 


The common theme in Tania’s career is her desire to help people which has led her to Ecotone, where she looks forward to assisting your business in finding the insurance products that suite your needs. 

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